lundi 2 juillet 2012

Do Not Forget

I was about to start writing, had finally enough time, incredibly excited. I went to a few gigs last week and I would like to go back to them in days to come but for now I have to recover my heart that has fallen so deep in an instant, in a flash, I was betrayed. This is not the first time it happens with Spotify (that I otherwise adore), but they have to sort out their dating of album releases.
Split Series #14 by Ultra-Red was not released in 2012. I can’t say it sounds cutting-edge in this year of catastrophic world implosion but somehow it sounded right. Timely. I am talking about A16 and A17, the first two tracks on the EP. The beat made me groove, tired on on my way to work; the drones perfectly expressed the revolt brewing in distant cities where groups of activists are trying to change our capitalistic world. Samples of a crowd, something is happening. It even did the trick coming back from work, my collaborator’s duty long forgotten.
I had been looking for Ultra-Red records for a while, not actively but they were always at the back of my mind. I first experienced their sound in a documentary on TV circa 1998 and I liked what I heard. Now they had reappeared on Spotify with a new album and it was for the best.
Unfortunately this is when I realised Split Series #14 actually dates from 2002. That song A16 I loved so much appeared on a compilation by Miss Kittin. I am not going to talk about Miss Kittin. This is when my heart sunk.
All I can say is I should know better. I should have tracked them down ten years ago, just as I am trying to do now.
Ultra-Red are not only interesting for their music, see their website for more detail. And whatever you do, stay informed.

Ultra-Red - A17 (2002)

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